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In just 5 minutes from the complex (1 km away), you'll find the picturesque harbor of Agia Anna. One of the most popular beaches on the island, fully organized with a plethora of amenities (restaurants, cafes, beach bars, gas station, and a market), Agia Anna is a highly attractive resort center that caters to visitors throughout their entire vacation.

A few meters away, the beach of Plaka begins with its endless sandy dunes and golden shores. It offers wonderful dining and entertainment options right by the sea...
Agia Anna
1 km
Agios Prokopios beach
2 km
Naxos Town
4 km
Naxos Airport
2 km
Agios Prokopios - Privilege Villas

Agios Prokopios

The renowned beach of Agios Prokopios is the third-best beach in Greece and one of the top 10 in Europe. Located just 2 km away, it is a mostly organized beach with thick sand and turquoise waters, rightfully awarded the Blue Flag every year.
Naxos - Privilege Villas


In the city of Naxos, just 4 km away, you will find literally everything. Here stands the Temple of Apollo with its enormous marble gate welcoming you at the entrance to the port. The Venetian castle with its picturesque alleys, the archaeological museum, numerous dining and coffee shops by the sea, a bustling market, and vibrant nightlife will make you want to visit it many times.

The mountainous region of Naxos holds great appeal for nature and history enthusiasts. Beautiful villages with towers, archaeological sites, Byzantine churches, rivers, and rich vegetation invite you to explore them and savor the renowned traditional products of the island.